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Archives - december 2007

Movie download services for European xBox 360 gamers

HD DVD titles showcase web-connected interactivity

Warner shelves hybrid Total HD disc

True VOD in 20% of European homes by 2011

Datarius home of European HD DVD Class-A Verification lab

Budget HD DVD Venturer come to the UK

DVD vending technology secures £125K investment

Toronto police bust counterfeit DVD operation

Games e-tailer selects Sony DADC’s DRM solution

HD VMD players to hit US streets; software delayed

Restructuring Sony unveils OLED TV product

Blu-ray replication line up and running at France's QOL

Panasonic unveils hi-tec Blu-ray player

Online video retail to exceed $3.8bn by 2011

Broadcast download MovieBeam service switched off

Jackie Chan helps fight piracy with fridge magnets

Paramount streams Jackass 2.5 in full, free

Infodisc gets stamp of approval from BDA, Sony DADC

IBM patents 'advert-unskippable' DVD technology

HD DVD tops 750,000 standalone players

Guide educates consumers on hi-def DVD purchase

DVD recorder Asia-Pacific market slated for 'exponential growth'

'Hi-def players forecast to retail at below $100 by 2011'

Recording Industry calls on EU to tackle China piracy

Getting the full TV display picture - growth confirmed

Potential HDTV buyers lean towards HD DVD, says study

DVD will be hottest Christmas gift, says DEG Europe

Co-existence of competing hi-def formats forecast

China takes steps to protect intellectual property rights

15,000 counterfeit DVDs seized in Birmingham raid

BDMO goes green with CD, DVD BluSky packs

Blu-ray player matches HD DVD pricetag

BD grabs 73% of Europe HD market – courtesy of PS3

Anwell sells Blu-ray and HD DVD pressing lines

1 in 10 PCs fitted with next-generation drives next year