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Budget HD DVD Venturer come to the UK

The $200 bargain HD DVD player – Venturer SHD7001 – is now coming to the UK priced at around £199. Manufactured by Chinese partners, Venturer is headquartered in Ontario, Canada.

The launch of the player is somewhat anti-climatic with entry-level Toshiba players now available at some US stores for under $200.

The Venturer SHD7001 features Dolby TrueHD (5.1 channel) sound, 1080i video output via a HDMI connection, DVD upscaling and an Ethernet connection for HD DVD’s interactive features.

The player will be bundled with a £50.00 package as standard – a package including a HDMI cable and two HD DVDs (Troy and Hulk).

Story filed 10.12.07

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