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Toronto police bust counterfeit DVD operation

Toronto police say they have shut down a sophisticated illegal DVD operation that was copying and distributing thousands of pirated movies, including some still being shown in theatres.

Police hauled away boxes of bootlegged movies and computer equipment that they said was being used to copy the movies. At least a dozen printing presses, allegedly used to design the film case covers, were also seized. Investigators said a false wall built inside the warehouse was used to hide the operation.

Officers arrested one person during the raid at a storage warehouse.

Police said the movies were being sold on the streets and to small retailers for a few dollars each. The operation had been running for at least four months, said investigators, who had the place under surveillance.

Illegal DVD rings are costing Canada's movie industry about $138 million a year, according to Gary Osmond, of the Canadian Motion Picture Distributors Association. (Source: CTVglobalmedia).

Story filed 03.12.07

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