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BDMO goes green with CD, DVD BluSky packs

The Belgian-French packaging specialist BDMO Group, an acknowledged innovator in carton-based solutions, has unveiled new packaging for the Home Entertainment industry “that takes environmental protection and sustainable resources seriously.”

“Millions of plastic boxes are manufactured each year for CDs and DVDs requiring extremely high consumption of energy and fossil fuel. Furthermore, producing boxes the conventional way cause big problems in their final disposal,” says Geert Casselman BDMO CEO.

The BDMO team was anxious to offer alternative products meeting fully the demands of clients while underlying this industry’s sense of responsibility for the environment. The result is the BLUSKY Pack, sourced completely from environmentally-friendly materials.

In its basic form commonly known as Digipack, the BLUSKY Pack not only takes advantage of a carton particularly environmental friendly, but the tray as well as the disc mounting mechanism are completely manufactured with natural materials as well. Therefore, the high value pack can be fully recycled, thus bringing substantial savings.

Story filed 10.12.07

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