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Advertising Information

Globalcom Publications offers a wealth of media opportunities to advertisers keen to reach all facets of the DVD and Blu-ray Disc industry as well as related sectors and, in particuliar, the content owners seeking to generate revenues from DVD and Blu-ray.

The media portfolio includes the following platforms:

The DVD and Beyond 2013 magazine provides a yearly top-level-eye-view of the major developments in the DVD, Blu-ray 3D BD and related industries across Europe and, looking ahead, identify the industry's opportunities and challenges.

The website, Europe's premier online source of information, data and analysis for professionals involved in packaged media and related sectors.

Conferences/seminars. Each year, Globalcom organises an industry event that offers unique opportunities to reach targeted audiences through sponsorship, branding, inserts, exhibition booths, etc.

Advertisers can elect to use any one of the platforms. However, many choose a spread of media in order to project themselves more widely and effectively over time. Presented below are various attractive advertising packages for consideration.

In the printed publications, on the Internet and in the conference hall, Publisher Jean-Luc Renaud is committed to providing editorial that is useful, valuable and timely, and that seeks to increase both knowledge and understanding about the key issues confronting the industry.

DVD and Beyond 2013

The overall circulation of DVD and Beyond 2013 will target content creators, publishers, distributors and rights holders. It will also reach those who commission, create and manufacture DVDs and Blu-ray as well those who service the industry by providing the software and equipment. And, each year, we ensure corporate end-users of the DVD/BD format get access to the magazine.

The opportunity for advertisers

Advertisers in DVD and Beyond 2013 benefit in several ways. First, from the positive editorial environment generated by this much-used and retained publication. Second, from the continuous exposure they receive from the website. Third, on their association with various Conference and Seminar. Most advertisers are continuing with their commitment to build on the impact they have achieved within the magazine over the past nine years. They believe in the high level of continuous visibility they are buying at affordable rates.

This is why advertising in DVD and Beyond 2013 is worth your consideration.

Heightening levels of interest in DVD/Blu-ay companies, production companies, publishers, content owners, services and developments mean your target market will be highly receptive to your marketing message.

The publication's top-level strategic analyses address the opportunities inherent in the various market sectors, thus guaranteeing executive readership. It examines DVD and Blu-ray in the wider context of HDTV, 3D, online delivery, Digital Copy, Smart TV, Second screen, mobile video, etc.

Tightly focussed on the industry in Europe, DVD and Beyond 2013 builds on the hugely successful format of previous issues. Firmly established over 15 years as a market-leading, must-have information resource devoted exclusively to DVD and advanced formats, it provides another important opportunity to reach companies involved in every aspect of DVD. Perhaps even more importantthis year, it reaches independent content publishers wishing to embrace the Blu-ray format.

Free distribution to key individuals by direct mail and at selected industry events.

A frequently-used reference tool covering a continuously expanding market, DVD and Beyond 2013 provides advertisers with multiple-user impacts.

Advertisers can secure additional copies for their own distribution free of charge.

The DVD and Beyond 2013 magazine is edited and published by Jean-Luc Renaud, Publisher of, Europe's leading news-based website for the packaged media industry.

The Publication

DVD and Beyond 2013, in its 15th annual edition, is a proven, precisely focussed, advertising-supported publication of high informational value. It explains what professionals, at executive level, need to know about DVD, Blu-ray and their environment in Europe and is designed to be an attractive, easy-to-use reference tool.

The annual publication is a portable or desktop resource that offers strategic analyses of current developments and future market trends through interviews of, and contributions from, top executives working in the various sectors of the DVD industry.

Advertisers appreciate it as a superb platform for display advertisements offering high production values on glossy paper stock.


An increased total of 10,000 copies will be printed and mailed free of charge to key individuals from Globalcom's extensive database of industry contacts built up over many years and continually updated. In addition to circularising all the important practioners within the European industry, DVD and Beyond 2013 is sent to content providers in film and television. The 2013 edition is distributed as well to music and games publishers and distributors and to retailers.

The DVD and Beyond 2013 magazine is given additional distribution (in halls or mailed) at industry events and conference with whom we are media partner, such as Futuresource, PEVE, Media-Tech, among others, and through self-distribution by advertisers.


The DVD and Beyond 2013 will reach content owners using DVD and Blu-ray, the DVD professional community as well as corporate users.

8,000 copies are mailed to relevant recipients across Europe (see breakdown below).
1,200 copies are distributed at relevant conferences, seminars and events
800 copies are requested by advertisers for their clients and/or for distribution to delegates to workshop/seminars they organise themselves.

In the case of small and medium-sized companies, the publication is mailed to the Managing Director. At larger companies, it is sent to both the Managing Director and the Marketing Manager.

Circulation breakdown

80%: Content producers/publishers (from small independents to Hollywood majors)
10%: Home video/games distributors/retailers
10%: Authoring houses, packagers, replicators, equipment suppliers, government /regulatory and industry bodies.

Out of the total, 95% of copies are distributed within Europe, 5% outside.

Distribution breakdown of magazine copies in European countries: United Kingdom (1,400), Germany (1,100), France (700), The Netherlands (500), Spain (400), Italy (400), Belgium (400), Portugal (250), Switzerland (250), Austria (250), Sweden (250), Norway (250), Denmark (250), Ireland (200), Poland (200), Czech Republic (200), Finland (200), Hungary (200), Romania (150), Bulgaria (150), Rest of Europe (300).


The DVD and Beyond 2013 magazine provides a variety of effective promotional opportunities.

Premium positions include:

Back Cover
Inside Front Cover
Inside Back Cover
2-page spreads and centrefold
Page opposite Contents

Advertiser-supplied inserts and disc inserts enquiries welcome.


DVD and Beyond 2013 will go to press in the first half of September. All advertising artwork must be supplied by 20 AUGUST 2013

Technical specifications sent with Confirmation of Advertisement Booking forms.

The aim of is to provide information, knowledge and understanding of the DVD, Blu-ray and related industry across Europe. The material available throughout the site comes from a variety of sources from our in-house analysts, commentators and correspondents, from material collected at conferences, exhibitions and other events, and from a continuous programme of browsing a large number of websites. The ultimate goal is to offer a totally independent and timely repository of information relevant to professionals active in the variety of facets of Europe's packaged media industry. is a commercial site, mostly financed by advertising with a few password-protected information-rich sections requiring a subscription.

Online exposure opportunities include Top Banners on rotating carousel, Right-hand Banners, and Newsbanners on top of articles.

Also available are Banners inserted in solus position into our weekly DVD and beyond News Update emailed to 8,100 recipients

The website features a high quality Video Streaming facility for showreels, product demos, executive messages, etc. Advertisers spending at least 1,500 (1,850 Euro) on any advertising package can have a video clip (up to 3-minute long) posted free of charge.

The Statistics

The site has been in operation for seven years, the statistics are impressive. During the month of June 2013, the site generated

. . . 723 345 hits from 17,900 visitors in 103 countries.

Top Banners (rotating) receive between 2,00 and 2,600 clicks during the month. Clicks on the Right-hand Banners range from 1,100 to 2,200 times a month.


Each year, Globalcom organises an event for the professional community. An event focusing on 4K and the packaged media is being contemplated in early December.

Various components are available for sponsorship: lunch, breaks, lanayrds, conference bags, reception, filming, party. Sponsorship packages include:

- Demonstration/exhibition stand, rollup posters
- Full page advert in conference brochure (with logo on cover)
- Company logo on all signage, holding screen, etc.
- Company logo on website homepage
- Company logo on all event email shots
- Insert in delegate bags
- Sponsorship communicated via all social media we use (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube)
- Complimentary event tickets

The Publisher

DVD and Beyond 2013 and are published by Globalcom Limited, a UK-based independent publisher to the multimedia industry, founded in 1991 by Dr. Jean-Luc Renaud.