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HD VMD players to hit US streets; software delayed

US elecronics distributors PC Rush has placed an order for 10,000 of New Medium Enterprise’s 1080p HD VMD red laser-based multilayer players with a view to starting sales through their E-commerce site in December. Distribution will be via retail outlets in the United States through associate company Distenex.

On the software side, New Medium Enterprises has announced that it is pushing back the launch of sales of movies in its red laser-based HD VMD high-definition format to January 2008 due to availability issues of its multilayer players.

“Due to unforeseen global demand from our distributor partners in our six initial regions, our individual titles will be available from 1 January 2008. However, we are already taking pre-orders for Bundle Boxes with the delivery date from 1 December 1, 2007,” a spokeswoman for NME said.

Story filed 10.12.07

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