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Panasonic unveils hi-tec Blu-ray player

Panasonic announced that its DMP-BD30 BD player was shipped into the US market in time for this year's 'Black Friday.' This is the first player to incorporate Final Standard Profile 1.1 - a supplementary interactive function added to the BD standard.

The company says that it worked closely with Hollywood film makers and industry professionals to develop technologies available in the DMP-BD30 including 'PHL Chroma Processing' for optimised BD and DVD playback.

"Panasonic's commitment to excellence in entertainment and technology is evident in the establishment of Panasonic Hollywood Labs (PHL), where a great deal of research went into the development of Blu-ray," says Gene Kelsey, VP of Panasonic's Entertainment Group.

"PHL has become one of the major centres of Blu-ray research and development, production and format development and works closely with studios in developing unsurpassed High Definition picture quality and interactive features which went into the development of our BD30."

Story filed 03.12.07

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