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Guide educates consumers on hi-def DVD purchase

Responding to industry concerns that consumer education on next-generation format is key to HD market take-up, Intellikey Labs, a leader in high-definition quality insurance, released the first hi-def DVD buyers’ guide to best prepare consumers during the Christmas shopping season.

This how-to guide, entitled Consumer Guide to Getting More Out Of Your Hi-Def Purchase: Blu-ray and HD DVD, outlines the basic options, identifies the top-ranked high-definition DVD players, answers the question of Blu-ray vs. HD DVD, explains what is the most important to Hi-Def DVD buyers and shares tips on the main points to consider when purchasing an HDTV display.

Holiday shoppers in the US prepare to spend an estimated $13.5 billion on audio/video products. However, as the slow adoption of Hi-Definition DVD continues for the second holiday season in a row, there is a big concern that consumers are still unfamiliar with the concept of Hi-Definition and hesitant to make a purchase.

In 2006 alone, consumer product returns in the U.S. reached $100 billion – mostly due to increasingly complex technical consumer products without a clear explanation of which products best suit their needs.

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Story filed 02.12.07

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