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Archives - january 2007

Zoran unveils DVD upconverter with 1080p HDMI

Warner to announce dual-format Total HD disc

Toshiba unveils industry first HD DVD writer

Testronic Labs expands, names Games executive

Technicolor closes plants in Europe and the US

TDK showcases 200GB disc technology

Sony pulls the plug on Superbit DVDs

Simon Staines joins Sonopress

Sonopress joins HD DVD Promotion Group

Sonic unveils content protection to burn DVD

18% US online users downloaded feature films

French DVD market's second-year fall

SanDisk unveils 'Flash DVD player' USBTV initiative

NME offers HD VMD product range, secures global patents

NME releases HD VMD software, PC drive; seeks NASDAQ listing

MPEG LA refutes ODS license acquisition claim

Media-Tech's Barcelona convention builds

MPA lauds Malaysia's anti-piracy efforts, raids Japanese lab

LG launches first dual-format HD player

Intel, CinemaNow in tech deal to download DVD content

Hitachi announces industry first 1Terabyte hard drive

Hackers reported to have broken HD DVD encryption system

HD DVD camp plans 51GB disc

Fox research claims Blu-ray take-up trunce HD DVD

Fiji video industry in piracy clean-up campaign

Major London pirate factory raided

Lackluster sales for Chinese EVD players

Dolby showcases hi-def sound on next-generation DVD devices

ODS acquires Deluxe's US manufacturing plant

DCA, ODC-Nimbus kit for AACS, ROM Mark on Blu-ray disc

Cinram to manufacture MGM discs for European markets

Chinese police cracks down on piracy, pornography

Freeridecoding allows overwrites with BurnAgain DVD

US in Bollywood piracy probe, China copyright summit

AudioDev strengthens global sales network

ANALYSIS Mobile TV – Quo Vadis?

Adult publishers embrace HD DVD

Analyst foresees speedy end to hi-def DVD format war

Next-gen DVD encryption breach confirmed by AACS LA

Next-generation DVD encryption system cracked?