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DCA, ODC-Nimbus kit for AACS, ROM Mark on Blu-ray disc

Doug Carson & Associates and ODC-Nimbus announced that Deluxe Digital High Definition Media Center manufactured the first Blu-ray title with AACS and ROM Mark using the ODC-Nimbus HDBD LBR utilizing DCA’s MIS Pro Blu-ray formatter. It is believed that this disc is the first to be produced without using the Sony PTM LBR and Sony ROM Mark Inserter.

The ODC-Nimbus HDBD LBR is the result of extensive research and development over the last several years in recording layer materials and processes, resulting in a patented High-Resolution Dye-Polymer technology. Not only does this “super-resolution” technology enable next-generation mastering using standard blue diode and UV lasers, but it also preserves the DRAW (Direct Read After Write) Mastering capability for precise process control.

Eric Carson, product manager of DCA, Inc. says, ”We are extremely proud to announce this cut, as it provides a new source for Blu-ray disc manufacturers to make ROM Mark protected discs. ODC-Nimbus’ LBR, in conjunction with DCA’s MIS Pro formatter can produce high-quality and lower-cost masters for replication plants worldwide, starting today.”

Story filed 04.01.07

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