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Lackluster sales for Chinese EVD players

Gome, China's largest consumer electronics retail chain, has been actively promoting the sale of players of EVD (Enhanced Versatile Disc), a China-developed DVD format, but sales have been slow due to relatively high prices, according to industry sources in Taiwan.

Although retail prices of EVD players have been lowered from 1,000 yuan ($128) to below 700 yuan ($89), they are still much higher than the 200-300 yuan for a DVD player, the sources pointed out.

In addition, there is limited availability of EVD movie titles, which are all produced by studios in China, since EVD has not gained support from Hollywood movie studios, the sources indicated.

However, makers and retailers of EVD players hope to increase market share this year before the popularity of Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD players takes off in 2008, since EVD players are much cheaper than players based on the two blue-laser standards, the sources noted.

China developed EVD as a means of freeing Chinese makers from having to pay DVD royalties. (Source: DigiTimes)

Story filed 03.01.07

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