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NME releases HD VMD software, PC drive; seeks NASDAQ listing

New Medium Enterprises, the developers of the HD VMD format, a red-laser multi-layer next-generation DVD format alternative to Blu-ray and HD DVD, has trialled its HD VMD playback software as well as VMD multilayer PC drives, through its Creative & Software Division.

The company will release the HD VMD playback software for download in February 2007, initially in 10 regions worldwide – USA, Japan, China, India, Russia, France, Germany, Scandinavia, Central Europe and Middle East. The software will also be offered to hardware manufacturers as a bundling solution.

The proprietary multilayer PC drives will go on sale in the 2nd Quarter to playback the 4-layer VMD discs. The VMD multilayer drives will be made available "at an affordable price" and can replace all existing PC disc drives.

The minimum system requirements for PCs are any Intel Pentium 4.2.4 or AMD Althon 2400 to playback true HD in 1920x1080. The HD VMD playback enables the output of high definition onto any HD display and experience high quality audio and video.

The NME CEO, Mahesh Jayanarayan commented: “The entry into the PC market has always been in our strategy. We are now able to provide the content providers an additional market segment on our HD format and PC users world over the capability of playing back HD films without any additional expense.”

In separate developments, NME has announced its intention of listing on the NASDAQ Market during the third quarter of 2007.

NME says that in view of the fact that its HD VMD format has already been adopted by content providers and distributors in 10 regions a NASDAQ listing will enable additional growth and facilitate a fair market valuation to its shareholders.

Jayanarayan said: “It has always been our intention to be listed on a recognised exchange and it is a natural next step from the successful trials of our technology that we executed in the last year and the imminent commercialization of our product lines on a global scale. A recognized listing alongside our peers provides a natural market for our shares and provide access to capital markets."

NME also believes a listing will increase US analyst coverage and provide access to US institutional investors focused on the storage and high definition market sector, who may be prohibited from investing in NME as an OTCBB (Over-The-Counter Bulletin Board) stock.

Further rational is that the company will also be involved in cross border acquisitions in the future and believe it will facilitate its ability to acquire or invest in complementary technologies or products using its stock.

Story filed 14.01.07

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