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Archives - february 2008

DVD Intelligence website passes 100-country milestone

Universal, Paramount to jump on Blu-ray bandwagon

Toshiba stock up with news of HD DVD pullout (update)

Testronic Labs opens interactive Blu-ray, HD DVD test facility

Swapping HD DVD for Blu-ray

'Blu-ray wins battle, not war'; 100m BD players by 2012

Toshiba, Sony in chip-making joint venture

sofatronic releases Blu-ray interactive application tools

Singulus acquires Oerlikon's Blu-ray operations

Scanavo acquires Chinese packaging maker

Polish border guards catch disc smugglers

'Don't fall for the BD hype,' says the HD DVD front man

Buyer found for ODS - plus ça change …

Netflix, Best Buy put their money on Blu-ray

The MPO Group invests in Blu-ray lines

Microsoft pulls plug on XBox HD DVD add-on

MediaMotion files for bankruptcy

Dutch subsidiary loosens ties with M2 Engineering

New Medium Enterprises' CEO steps down

Restructured M2 Engineering up and running again

Lite-On IT now expects faster BD take off

LG Electronics not abandoning hybrid BD/HD DVD players

'HD DVD player for $99 sealed Toshiba's fate'

iSuppli: 'Is a hi-def physical format still relevant in the Internet era?'

Hi-def player statistics: a mixed picture

HD DVD sales pick up in the US

FACT welcomes UK government's strategy document

French police raids pirate Bollywood store

UK local authorities get tough on illegal DVD traders

£5m-a-year counterfeiters get 4.5 year jail sentence

Ensequence, Sony deal eases BD-J authoring

OSTA, ECMA approve optical media archive standard

ODS insolvency saga latest: deals with Dicentia, Iberdisc

French spent €1.5bn on 130m DVDs in 2007

CDA expands into 3X DVD production; new CEO appointed

Blu-ray disc sales hit 2-million mark in Europe