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Lite-On IT now expects faster BD take off

Now that Blu-ray Disc has become the next-generation optical disc standard following Toshiba's decision to discontinue its HD DVD business, BD devices will become popular earlier than originally expected, according to Lite-On IT, the largest Taiwan-based maker of half-height optical disc drives (ODDs).

International PC vendors have been relatively conservative in promoting next-generation blue-laser drives/burners due to the uncertainties surrounding the battle between BD and HD DVD, Lite-On IT pointed out.
But with the format war over, ODM/OEM ODD makers can go ahead and confidently promote BD devices, meaning production costs can be expected to decrease continually leading to an acceleration of the the global BD market, Lite-On IT indicated.

In order to compete for OEM orders for HD DVD-ROM drives from Hewlett-Packard, Lite-On IT signed a letter of intent with Toshiba for licensed use of HD DVD patents in August 2006, the company indicated.

At the end of 2006, Lite-On IT took over BenQ's ownership of a joint venture of BenQ and Royal Philips Electronics and renamed the joint venture as Philips & Lite-On Digital Solutions, gaining access to BD patents because Philips is a charter member of the BD Association, Lite-On IT noted. (Source: Digitimes)

Story filed 20.02.08

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