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CDA expands into 3X DVD production; new CEO appointed

CDA Datentrager Albrechts has started production of the first 3X-format DVDs at its Thuringia-based operation. Managing Director Dr Nicolaus Hettler said: "The 3X DVD is a lower-cost alternative for our customers to replicate video content in HD quality."

The 3X-DVD is a DVD in the physical sense, but the file system and the data structure are that of an HD DVD. This format is compatible with commercial HD DVD players. Its memory capacity of up to 9 GB makes it ideal for HD short movies, HD movie trailers or corporate presentations of HD quality.

CDA is capable of producing all DVD formats as 3X DVD and can add AACS copy protection if required – with the advantage of a DVD-10 in 3X format being that the medium can be played back both as DVD and 3X DVD.

On the corporate side, CDA announced that Katja Butzmann has taken up the position of Chief Executive Officer of the company from the beginning of the 2008.

33 year old Butzmann joined Thuringer Industrie-beteiligungs-GmbH & Co. KG, one of CDA’s shareholders, in 2000 when she was appointed as the Investment Manager responsible for financing expansion, from May 2001 she has been acting as an Authorised Officer and Financial Director in the management of CDA and has taken over the management of company subsidiaries CDA Disc Ltd in the UK and CDA France SAS in Paris in March 2005.

Story filed 03.02.08

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