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Archives - july 2012

Report calls for 'Copyright hub' funded by UK creative industries

Blu-ray, online streaming adrenalin shots in US home entertainment arm

Digital video spending bright spot in morose UK home video market

Olympics showcased on 'breakthrough' glasses-free 3D technology

TVs, Blu-ray players will surpass games consoles as key Connected devices

Zero Creative launches brightest glasses-free 3D display to date

Rovi's DivX+ tech brings BD functions to Panasonic's video streaming chipset

France's DVD/BD/VOD down 5% in 1H 2012; help sought from Hollande

Premier PR acquires Dubbs-Eyeframe, creatives, to build one-stop shop

1-year-old One-Blue unveils five steps to effective patent licensing

While a promising road to market, Digital Copy needs more explaining

2012 LCD TV forecast lowered to 216m units; 3D key growth segment

Glasses-free 3D TV looks nearer, with help from the MIT Media Lab

Blu-ray 3D to account for 35% of BD sales in Western Europe in 2016

Blu-ray Disc player is key web-connected gateway to content

Japan's tougher copyright law leaves download masses puzzled

Stereoscopic 3D viewing can cause sickness (but 2D too), says study

DVDNow brings franchised self-service DVD kiosks to Costa Rica

CE multinationals lower patent royalty rates for DVD, CD technologies

UK cinema staff rewarded for preventing piracy

EDC expands to Scandinavia as DVD Norden goes into administration

MPEG LA calls for patents essential to High Efficiency Video Coding

Top pirate website owner guilty of conspiracy to defraud

Game on as Nintendo goes green with Livewire/AGI-Shorewood innovation

Video revenues lifeblood of UK film and TV industry, says new report

European Parliament rejects the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement