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ZOOtech sets eyes on Scope Seven assets

ZOO Digital Group plc, the digital media technology company and parent of ZOOtech, announces the proposed acquisition of certain assets of Scope Seven.

This acquisition of Scope Seven, a key independent compression and authoring service provider in Hollywood’s digital media production market, will allow ZOOtech to broaden its offering to studios, rights holders and publishers with services based upon exclusive use of proprietary, innovative technology.

Scope Seven is an independent company providing compression and authoring services to video publishers including a number of Hollywood studios, most notably Warner Brothers. Scope Seven is affiliated with Warner Brothers facility, GDMX, who provide digital media production services. Through this relationship, Scope Seven enjoys significant work on behalf of Warner Brothers studios.

Scope Seven’s other customers include 20th Century Fox, New Line Cinema, the BBC, DIRECTV, Hasbro and Mattel.

“Acquiring Scope Seven signifies a broad expansion in our offering that is unique within the current market and will enable ZOO to penetrate the market more effectively and to unlock a significant revenue potential. By augmenting its current offering, ZOO will be able to deliver directly to studios, rights holders and publishers a proposition and pricing model, based on utilization as opposed to time and materials, unlike any other that is currently available.” said Stuart Green, CEO of ZOO Digital Group, plc.

Story filed 13.08.07

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