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FTI launches high-end optical disc label printing technology

United Arab Emirates-based Falcon Technologies International, a premium manufacturer of professional optical data storage media and archival solutions provider, has launched its new Smart Glossy printable layer – a disc surface that is able to provide personalized graphics and labels brighter and shinier than ever before.

There were plenty of ways to create the labels for the media, says FTI. The most common method was to print the design on circular pieces of paper and glue it to the surface, but times have changed and now it is impossible to glue discs that spin at over 5000 RPM instead of 33 RPM back in the days of vinyl. Some manufacturers even tried to implement a technology of 'in-drive label burning,' but the labels made with this technology were typically black and white and very faded.

"For over a decade, Falcon Technologies International prioritized its R&D efforts on printable surfaces and managed to implement high-tech solutions into its production process,” says Michael Gutowski, the company CEO. “FTI introduces its brand FalconMEDIA Smart Glossy printable discs, perfect to create customized, long-lasting, ultra-vivid design disc labels. Our Research and Development team have invested significant resources to tailor this brand new technology to allows to have superior image definition, color saturation and vivid quality of printed graphics." Smart Glossy features include:

- Superior ink absorption and faster ink drying printable surface (best in class)
- Better glossiness surface delivering full color, glossy photo quality printing
- Excellent color whiteness
- Consistent printing across the full surface giving excellent uniformity
- Long lasting print surface
- Excellent water resistant quality makes the printable surface free from scratches, smudging and smearing in wet conditions
- High yield on inkjet printer (economic ink consumption)
- Excellent Black/White Contrast with economical ink saturation setting
- Wider compatibility on all standard professional inkjet printers
- Good handling characteristics to ensure smooth operation with leading robotic duplication and publishing systems

FalconMEDIA Century Archival showed outstanding results during the internal and third-party benchmarking tests: data stored on these professional archival discs stays accessible and integer for more than 500 years – timeframe that is enough to archive data for almost seven future generations of the humanity, claims the company.

Also, FTI’s Falcom MEDIA Century Archival CDs and DVDs with golden and platinum reflective layers is a product specifically tailored to store data for long periods of time. Century Archival DVDs demonstrated capability of storing data for up to 200 years, whereas the Century Archival CDs has a longevity in excess of 400 years, making this product line the most durable and secure archival digital media product available in the market today.

“Even though we live in the era of flash-memory, hard disc drives and cloud storage solutions, optical disc still remains number one choice for the offline data distribution and long-term information storage and archiving,” says Gutowski. “Data leakage is a good reason to choose a packaged media. If you have proprietary data, customer account, transactional or confidential information, you are obligated to make sure that it isn’t shared, either purposefully or accidentally. The use of email, social media, instant messaging, and mobile devices increases the ease at which your employees could share this type of data.“

Story filed 19.01.17

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