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NME unveils €179 HD VMD player for Europe, $199 for the US

New Medium Enterprises, developer of the red laser-based HD Versatile Multilayer Disc format, releases its latest commercial HD VMD player and discs into the European and US markets,

Debuting at IFA 2007, the European model has a pricetag of €179 player. The US model, priced at $199, will debut at CEDIA Expo 2007.

HD VMD brings maximum-HD 1080p high-quality players to consumers for a groundbreaking MSRP of $199.

The player delivers true HD resolution at 1080p, up to 45Mbs bit rate, 7.1 sound channels, standard-definition DVD upscaling processing and non-region coding.

NME launches into the worldwide market in October/November with a competitive player and content bundle box which will include five new HD VMD titles for Australia, France, Iceland, India, Poland and Scandinavia. HD VMD’s growing list of film content includes blockbuster films from Hollywood, Bollywood and International titles worldwide including 16 Blocks, Apocalypto, Passion of the Christ, Lord of War, Lucky Number Slevin, plus the award-winning children’s series, Lazy Town.

“European consumers have waited for an HD solution at DVD pricing; and with HD VMD, we believe we have met this desire through a stellar quality, high-definition disc and player at a price point that almost anyone can afford,” says Mahesh Jayanarayan, CEO of NME, “With the launch into the European market this month and an accelerating rollout of HD VMD content and retail distribution partners, we plan to drive adoption of HD in the home.”

HD VMD players will be available for purchase in late October at soon-to-be announced stores.

Story filed 31.08.07

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