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Microsoft denies Paramount HD DVD payment report

Microsoft’s HD DVD evangelist Kevin Collins (pictured), has denied report that the company allegedly made payment to Paramount to exclusively back HD DVD in the high-def format war against Blu-ray.

In a dramatic development ten days ago, Paramount and DreamWorks Animation announced that they will back HD DVD exclusively. Paramount had previously released films in both formats while DreamWorks had yet to pick a winner in the battle.

The New York Times quoted an industry official as saying the studios received $150 million combined to back HD DVD, although the newspaper did not say who paid the studios.

On a message board posting, referring to articles saying Microsoft had paid the studios, Collins said: "This type of 'reporting' amazes me and I challenge anyone to provide proof around these statements. They are unfounded and inaccurate."

The Microsoft executive says an article by the web site Ain' accurately described why Paramount is supporting HD DVD. The Ain'tItCool article notes that Paramount received an "advertising incentive" from Toshiba to make the switch, although it adds that the decision was based on other factors such as manufacturing costs and technological advantages.

Collins will demonstrate HD DVD's HDi interactive features at the DVD Forum Europe 2007 conference in Berlin on Monday (click for details).

Story filed 30.08.07

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