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Infodisc readies Copy-To-Go HD in time for iPad arrival

In time for the launch of iPad in Germany, replicator and multimedia service provider Infodisc has extended the capability of its Copy-to-Go technology to offers HD content on the Apple tablet via Copy-To-Go HD.

It is based on Copy-To-Go unveiled last autumn. Copy-To-Go is a disc that contains optimised files for mobile devices. This capability is now also available as hybrid version, which provides both the DVD version and the optimized Copy-To-Go files on one disc.

A simple click on the relevant button of the opening screen of the DVD menu automatically transferred the digital file to the specific storage area of the connected handheld device. The customised software is compatible with today’s most popular range of mobile handsets such as Blackberry, iPhone or Sony’s PSP. Its use can be extended to mobile phones as well as Windows Media Player.

To achieve top quality, the resolution and the format of the content are already optimised to the data rate and screen size of each device.

Infodisc developed a special copy protection. The Copy-To-Go disc cannot be copied and the files enclosed on the disc are additionally secured to full extent on the devices against further copying. In addition, the content owner has the possibility to choose the number of data transfers.

Copy-To-Go HD makes high-definition content. It is left to content owners if they only want to provide HD content for the iPad or if they want to include on the disc additional optimised files for other mobile devices.

Story filed 29.05.10

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