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Environmentally-friendly EcoDisc now available in the UK

EcoDisc has launched its environmentally-friendly DVDs in the UK. Available in DVD5 format with DVD9 and CD formats also in development, the EcoDisc uses 50% less polycarbonate. It also removes the need for non-biodegradable toxic resins for bonding, and produces 52% fewer CO2 emissions than the manufacture of a standard DVD.

The EcoDisc was developed by EcoDisc Technologies AG a Swiss research and development company, which licences the technology, patents and manufacturing know-how to optical disc manufacturers around the world.

The disc was first invented in 2006, but was withheld from general UK distribution until quality assurance testing was complete. The EcoDisc has now been declared 'fit and robust for the purposes intended' by independent quality assurance company, Testronic Labs. The disc was tested in more than 240 Blu-ray players, standard-definition DVD players and PC and Apple Mac drives, and inspected in accordance with stringent quality criteria.

"Since the invention of the DVD in 1993 it has become the world's standard medium for data storage and distribution and, despite advances in online services, current global DVD demand remains at approximately 7 to 8 billion units per year," said Ray Wheeler, UK sales director, EcoDisc. "When you think of all of the discs used as magazine and newspaper cover-mounts, or to hold drivers for consumer electronics goods, there is a healthy market for an environmentally-friendly disc.

"The production of the disc was enough of a challenge in itself, but producing a disc that could be read by all the disc players in the world was where all previous efforts had been thwarted," added Wheeler. "Thankfully, we have found the answer and the EcoDisc is now in mass production and being examined by many of the world's major media and publishing companies."

The product is now generally available in the UK marketplace through Software Logistics, a single source supplier of digital media replication, design and print, packaging production, fulfilment and distribution.

Story filed 23.05.10

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