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DVD Forum asks members to define future agenda of organisation

The 100-member DVD Forum behind the creation of the DVD standard – and of the ill-fated HD DVD format – is seeking to redefine its future now that the maturing DVD has grown into today’s global $100 billion business.

“Based on our experience in creating these new formats, we believe there is a strong demand from the market and relevant industries to know ‘What's next?’," the DVD Forum secretariat wrote to their members. “To respond to that strong demand, we would like to ask questions to all interested companies to determine ‘What are your expectations for The DVD Forum now and in the future?’.” The questionnaire can be accessed here.

The DVD Forum believes many of its member companies have already identified potential product innovations that would benefit from open-standards development, which was the hallmark of the Forum’s modus operandi.

At its 47th Steering Committee meeting in February, the DVD Forum renewed Toshiba as company chair, Sony as vice chair of the CE Industry committee, Warner for the Content Industry and Intel for the IT Industry. The Forum was launched in August 1997 for a period of 10 years, subsequently extended for an additional 10 years, to 2017.

Story filed 09.05.10

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