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Toshiba unveils Cell-powered upscaling TVs

Toshiba unveiled the first Cell-powered Regza HDTV set line to hit the market. The Cell technology has been used in other hi-def technology, such as the PS3 for its super-computer-like computational capabilities. This appears to be the first product to come out of the Cell manufacturing plants Sony sold to Toshiba last year.

It was a money-saving exercise for Sony for which the investment that was required to reduce the Cell processor for 65nm to 45nm was too much. Buying Toshiba-produced chips was seen as a cheaper option.

Toshiba also demonstrated a new Cell-based multimedia coprocessor that would be integrated into TV sets under the ‘Resolution+’.

According to Pocket-Lint, Toshiba said that the Cell technology will take standard-definition video sources, scan them and upconvert the pictures to high-definition quality. Even though there are other TV set with built-in upscaling capabilitie, the Cell technology is said to provide greater image detail.

The company's Regza ZF series launched in Europe on 29 November.

Story filed 02.12.08

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