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DVD pirate caught with 4,000 counterfeited discs

A counterfeiter who ran a major pirate DVD operation from his home in Balby, West Yorkshire, has been jailed and put out of business after his equipment was destroyed.

Edward Philip Renham was producing thousands of counterfeit movies and computer games which he sold on Sundays from a market stall at a bargain price of £10 for four.

Almost 4,000 pirate DVDs were found in the house and garage, as well as computer software able to produce forged artwork for the sleeves.

Renham pleaded guilty to 13 copyright offences. His friend Michael David Utley, who helped on the stall, admitted seven counts and was ordered to do 80 hours' unpaid work and pay £500 costs.

Renham admitted they cost him 25p each to copy over a period of 12 months and he was making £200-300 a week, while paying Utley £50 to help him at the stall.

Story filed 06.10.09

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