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msm-studios pushes BD audio copy technology envelope

Munich-based msm-studios, an authoring and post-production house that specialises in high audio-quality music DVDs and BDs, is extending the functionality of its Pure Audio Blu-ray service with copying software.

msm-studios can now equip its discs with CopyToGo technology – not to be confused with Infodisc’s own technology of the same name coincidentally announced the same week.

msm-studios’ own technology enables users to copy the songs of a Pure Audio Blu-ray title from BD players (profile 2.0) directly on their computer via a network connection. All what is needed is an internet browser. The content on the Blu-ray disc can be supplied in any format. Users are thus able to listen to the music without using the BD player. The computer file can also be burned onto a CD or copied on an iPod/MP3 player.

“We have developed our "CopyToGo" mainly for our Pure Audio productions, “Stefan Bock, the company’s MD, tells DVD Intelligence. “Our clients demanded that we solve the following problem – people buy music on Blu-ray and would like to copy it on CD, iPod, etc. as they won't buy the same content twice. And thanks to AACS, it is not too easy to handle this....”

“This will make the BD format and our Pure Audio Blu-ray titles much more attractive as the customer will get othe original content in the best possible quality and also gets low resolution formats for free,” adds Bock. “Perfect listening experience of Pure Audio Blu-ray in studio quality at home, MP3 on the road on your iPod/MP3 player, or CD quality in the car.”

msm-studios points out that this technology does not only work for music – all BDs could be enabled with a digital copy.

For recollection, Pure Audio Blu-ray has been developed by msm-studios in cooperation with 2L Lindberg Lyd to offers enough space for high bit recordings, and easy to use. Owner of a BD player can switch between the audio streams during playback. The disc can be operated with or without screen, like a CD, with all the usual functions. The preferred audio track (e.g. 2.0 LPCM or 5.1 DTS-HD Master) is selected via the four color buttons of the Blu-ray player remote

Story filed 14.09.09

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