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Infodisc brings digital content to mobile devices

German independent replicator Infodisc has introduced Copy-to-Go, an extra disc, sold together with a DVD or Blu-ray disc, which contains the digital files optimised for transfer to a variety of mobile devices. A registered trademark of Infodisc Technology GmbH with a worldwide patent pending, Copy-to-Go enables the legal copying of movies and other material to a handheld device.

A simple click on the relevant button of the opening screen of the DVD menu automatically transferred the digital file to the specific storage area of the connected handheld device. The customised software is compatible with today’s most popular range of mobile handsets such as Sony’s PSP, Blackberry or iPhone. However, Copy-to-Go is not limited to these devices; its use can be extended to mobile phones as well as Windows Media Player.

To achieve top quality, the resolution and the format of the content are already optimised to the data rate and screen size of each deviced.

“A product bundle consisting of the movie on DVD or BD and a Copy-to-Go disc can be sold at a higher retail price,” says CEO Michael Gutowski. “Also, existing catalogue title can generate additional demand as a Copy-to-Go reissue. For this legal copy no registration or internet download is necessary, which offers an additional buying incentive to the consumer.”

In other news, since June, Infodisc Technology has a new sales team, Junior Sales Managers Anja Gitzinger and Nina Piana are now responsible for all tasks of the Sales and Marketing division. The focus is put on strengthening and expanding the Blu-ray sector of the company. The new team succeeds Kerstin Keller and Michael Schulte.

Story filed 14.09.09

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