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Clear-Vu acquires Nexpak assets

Clear-Vu, a US-based provider of media security packaging, has announced the completed acquisition of the brand and related assets of its main rival, Nexpak Corporation, which filed for bankruptcy in April.

While the traditional retail/rental model of content distribution is often viewed as in its sunset years, Clear-Vu claims to have identified and capitalised on a niche growth market in physical media amid the onslaught of digital distribution.

"The library has become the video rental store of the 21st century, and we continue to see year-over-year growth in security packaging by integrating novel technologies, such as Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and self-checkout, through our partnership with Checkpoint Systems and 3M Library Systems," said Daniel Lax, VP businessdevelopment of Clear-Vu.

The company has long been a provider of packaging solutions in the retail/rental marketplace for security packaging of disc-based media. By acquiring competitive product lines including Amaray II Benefit Denial and SecureCase, Clear-Vu aims to enhance its existing portfolio of One-Time and Zenith Pac products, as well as foster new relationships with Nexpak's distributor and customer base.

Story filed 09.09.09

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