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BDA launches consumer-focused information blog

Given the strategy shift towards greater communication with the consumers, not just industry players, the Blu-ray Disc Association has launched Blu-ray Disc Reporter, the European blog of the BDA Association.

“This site is aimed at industry insiders, analysts and members of the press, looking for background information and an overview of the latest developments surrounding Blu-ray Disc,” says Niels Leibbrandt (pictured), Chairman of the BDA’s European Promotion Committee. “Consumers are, of course, welcome to stick around but they may find more useful information, tailored to their particular country, at the Blu-ray Disc Global Sites.

Already listed are localised sites for the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Benelux, Nordic countries, Spain and the UK.

Expect to see regular posts every couple of days on the latest breaking news. You can sort the news on the site by story type or topic area and within the next few weeks, you’ll also be able to select specific news from your region

‘On the Spot’, a rubric maintained by Leibbrandt, aims to answer any “burning query” related to the format. “When we started the Blu-ray Disc Reporter, one of our aims was to give readers a chance to interact with the BDA in Europe. In the run up to IFA 2009, we felt now was the ideal time to get you to raise any of your BD related questions.”


Story filed 24.08.09

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