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Amergence signs DVCD+ license with Hong Kong's PanPacific Business

The Amergence Group, whose Tranzbyte division focuses on the development and marketing of optical and solid state media enhancement technologies such as DVCD, CDMX, and FlashCDMX for DVDs, CDs, and Flash Ram respectively, has signed an agreement allowing PanPacific Business to exclusively use DVCD+ on its music and theatrical DVD releases.

Combining some key features found in DVDs and audio CDs. The DVCD+ technology enables disc duplicators and replicators to deliver DVDs to consumers that include value-added features not found on standard DVDs. For example, DVCD+ enables consumers to convert music found on the DVD soundtracks to audio CDs to play in their cars. Also, DVCD+ includes photos, video games, or other digital content that can be exported to any approved player device including personal computers or cell phones.

"The original version of DVCD has been available for several years," says Amergence's president, Peter Jacobs, "but it wasn't until the original product was enhanced over the past year that it caught the attention of potential mega-users such as PanPacific."

PanPacific Business, a provider of one-stop shop solutions on out-of-home advertising opportunities, plan to utilize the DVCD technology on all musical and theatrical DVD releases where it finds the addition of extra features on the DVD to be commercially advantageous.

“The concept of being able to provide our customers and joint venture music industry partners with value-added DVDs is very exciting to us. I believe the incorporation of this exciting technology will result in greater sales,” says Jack T. Martin, company president.

In exchange for its exclusive use of the technology, PanPacific has agreed to use DVCD+ on a minimum of 400,000 units per year which potentially represents millions of dollars in revenue for the company. In addition, the contract terms call for PanPacific to pay Amergence a royalty of US$0.20 for each unit incorporating the DVCD+.

Story filed 09.05.09

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