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Microsoft unveils HDi logo

Microsoft's implementation of HD DVD's interactivity layer will be soon promoted on Toshiba HD DVD hardware and Hollywood movies using a new HDi logo. In addition, Universal Studios Home Entertainment and Paramount Home Entertainment will include the HDi logo on packaging for HD DVD movie titles beginning in the fourth quarter of this year.

HDi technology is Microsoft's high-performance implementation of the interactivity layer for the HD DVD format, which offers such advanced features as network connectivity and community scenarios. HDi is also a trademark of Microsoft.

The HDi logo helps consumers identify movies with the interactive experiences HDi offers, including picture in picture viewing and graphical user interfaces that can be exposed while a movie is playing.

As Microsoft's implementation of the mandatory interactive layer in HD DVD, defined as Advanced Navigation by the DVD Forum, HDi began delivering new experiences for consumers when it was launched in April 2006. Early movie titles such as The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, Miami Vice and Mission: Impossible III offers interactive HD DVD features – from picture-in-picture director's commentary to graphical interfaces with tailored movie specifications.

Based on Internet standards, HDi provides studios with a familiar and simple development environment. With support for interactivity mandatory on all HD DVD players, HDi allows for advanced features that can be played back on any HD DVD player or drive.

Studios supporting HD DVD are already delivering on promises of expanding their offerings with Web-enabled network (interactive) features on shipping titles such as 300 and Blood Diamond from Warner Bros., Heroes: Season 1 from Universal and the upcoming Transformers from Paramount.

The ability to download new trailers, buy ring tones and other merchandise, and share favorite bookmarked scenes with other HD DVD owners are just a few of the features now available on discs from studios supporting HD DVD. Universal recently announced that all day-and-date titles moving forward will include Web-enabled network features powered by HDi.

Microsoft HDi technology powers the interactive capabilities in every stand-alone HD DVD player on the market as well the HD DVD drive for Xbox 360.

Story filed 23.09.07

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