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Slysoft's copy & burn kit cracked BD+ ?

Copy software company Slysoft appears to have cracked BD+, the copy-protection technology on Blu-ray discs, as the company released a beta version of AnyDVD HD, the software that allows consumers to make back-ups of HD DVD and Blu-ray discs.

AnyDVD HD comes with the same functionality as its other product AnyDVD, but with additional features for full HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc support, including decryption of movies in both discs formats. The product description boosts the software capability for removing AACS encryption from HD DVD and Blu-ray discs and for removing region coding from Blu-ray DVDs (HD DVD discs are not region coded, yet).

The BD+ protection is a component embedded in BD players. It can check attempts to tamper with the machine so that code on Blu-ray discs can be released in the BD+ format which can patch hacked devices.

Also, BD+ can act as an enabling mechanism for unscrambling content, both audio and video, thus without BD+ operating, the content cannot be viewable. But now by hacking BD+, Slysoft seems to have disabled this capability as well.

Story filed 11.11.07

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