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'HD DVD China' logo, 51GB disc approved by DVD Forum

CH-DVD (China High Definition DVD), the Chinese hi-def DVD format based on the HD DVD standard has an official new logo – approved by the DVD Forum, the association responsible for administering the technology of DVDs and HD DVDs.

The organisation also approved the agreement between the DVD Forum and Optical Memory National Engineering Research Center (OMNERC), the Chinese research institute responsible for the China High Definition DVD. Other decisions include establishment of the License Enforcement Committee that will control the licensing issues related to the China HD DVD Format.

The list of the approvals also include the following:

- DVD Specifications for High Density Read-Only Disc [HD DVD-ROM (51G)] Part 1 Physical Specifications, Version 2.0. This is the latest version of the physical specifications for the HD DVD-ROM Triple layer 51GB. Each layer can store up to 17GB of data/video, resulting in a total capacity of 51GB.

- HD DVD-VR Recorder for HD DVD-RW Test Specification, Version 1.0 and HD DVD-VR Recorder for DVD-R/RW/RAM Test Specification, Version 1.0

- Class-A Verification Lab of DaTARIUS (EU project). It refers to the DaTARIUS verification lab for the HD DVD format, currently operating in Austria.

DaTARIUS is also now officially member of the the DVD Forum's Verification Policy Committee (VPC). VPC has a supervising role in the verification procedures and reports its activities to the Steering Committee.

Also approved: the merger of WG-1 and WG-4 (WG-1 is the surviving group); the establishment of WG-12 to study network application related issues, and the Provisional Chair-companies of WG-12 nominated by TCG.

Story filed 19.11.07

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