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3D Blu-ray not around the corner, says BDA

Despite a 3D DVD standard being finalized in January the Blu-ray Disc Association is telling the market 3D Blu-ray is unlikely to be coming to homes soon.

Philips' Technology Programme Manager at its Eindhoven Campus, Chris Buma, speaking in a recent media interview claimed although Philips is working on 3D Blu-ray at the moment, the whole 3D issue is fairly complex and there are a lot of short term and long term implications to work through.

One of the reasons for the delay is that there a variety of ways 3D can work in the home and there is a lot of consumer expectation to deal with, for example whether it should be with glasses or autostereoscopic.

The BDA says there are many different companies working on the technology, including Panasonic which has recently opened up a 3D Blu-ray Lab, but as of now the Blu-ray Disc Association has yet to address the issue and there is no premise that Panasonic will get the standard. Buma says: "3D Blu-ray is still a long way off. It's one thing to choose the particular technology to make the format, but another to bring it to mass market."

Story filed 18.02.09

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