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D-BOX immersive technology for French BD title publisher

A leading French film publisher EMYLIA has struck a licensing deal with D-BOX Technologies to integrate the D-BOX Motion Code system on selected high-definition Blu-ray titles.

D-BOX is a patented precision encoding system allowing for the creation of a custom motion track for each film, TV programme or video game. The result for the viewer is an added dimension of realistic Motion effects (MFX) perfectly synchronized with on-screen action, for an immersive entertainment experience.

The company claims this technology brings a new level of interactivity and immersion that is well on its way to being a de facto industry standard.

According to Alexandre Simard, executive at EMYLIA, "The addition of D-BOX Motion Code to the image and sound will allow movie viewers to experience an immersive experience of unprecedented realism. EMYLIA's team will begin working immediately with D-BOX and aims to announce as soon as May 2009, the titles of the first D-BOX embedded movies."

Last december D-BOX Technologies announce a licensing agreement with Universal Studios Home Entertainment to feature D-BOX Motion code on selected Blu-ray disc releases. The system will initially be featured on Universal's BD version of Death Race.

D-BOX's motion technology is to date available for more than 850 titles globally. Several Hollywood studios have embedded D-BOX Motion Code on many recent blockbuster Blu-ray releases.

Story filed 18.02.09

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