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£500,000 pirate DVD factory raided in London

Following an intelligence-led operation, a large pirate DVD factory was raided last week in a 3-bedroom house in south east London by the Safer Neighbourhoods Team and Federation Against Copyright Threats (FACT).

Some 250 burners were found, capable of producing over 170,000 knock-off DVDs a week with a street value of over half a million pounds sterling per week. Also in the premises were a large amount of blank DVDs and printed inlay cards.

The DVDs were believed to be destined to be sold on the streets of London by illegal Chinese immigrants working for Chinese organised criminal networks. Titles found on the raid include Sweeney Todd, There Will Be Blood and Cloverfield – titles are not yet released in UK cinemas.

Though five people were present on the premises, no arrests were made but investigations are continuing.

Story filed 28.01.08

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