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Australia's biggest DVD pirates busted

Police have uncovered what is believed to be Australia's biggest pirated DVD operation in Melbourne. More than 250,000 DVDs and 100 DVD burners were seized from a home at Sunshine North in Melbourne's west, following a tip off from neighbours.

Many of the DVDs retrieved included new releases such as American Gangster and I Am Legend, not yet available legally on DVD.

The director of operations for the Federation Against Copyright Theft, Neil Gane, says police and governments have begun a major crackdown on the illegal industry.

He says it's important the public understands the seriousness of the practice that costs the movie industry millions of dollars in lost revenue every year. "Really we have to work with an education programme to engage the public to understand and respect the creative industries," said Gane.

The raid follows the seizure of 50,000 pirated DVD movies in St Albans in Melbourne's west last month. (Source: ABC News)

Story filed 28.01.08

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