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Testronic Labs launches digital TV testing service

Testronic Laboratories, the quality assurance specialist for packaged media and electronic distribution, has announced a new digital testing service to broadcasters, IRD and set top box manufacturers and related digital television software and service providers.

The new testing service, designed to ensure the highest possible quality of user experience in digital television has been developed to identify compatibility and functionality issues which are often only manifest on the end user’s TV set.

Common – but serious problems – have included picture problems due to unsupported resolutions on the TV, parental control that still permits children to view adult material, loss of image or sound, wrong tiering of Pay TV services and channel tuning set-up failures.

With its experience of providing quality assurance and certification across the home entertainment, hardware and software industries, Testronic Labs has developed a global solution to quality assurance issues facing the digital TV industry.

Skilled operatives provide testing from labs in Belgium, Poland, UK and USA or at the client’s facility measuring not only the technical aspects of the equipment and services, but also the user experience and functions.
BluePrint Suite provides an elaborate library of pre-designed and pre-implemented test cases and the expertise to deliver specific test cases to meet the requirements of broadcasters, satellite operators, cable operators, IRD manufacturers and subscriber management service providers.

Story filed 11.04.08

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