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Slysoft keeps ahead of BD copy protection with update

Antiqua-based software company Slysoft has released a new version of its AnyDVD software which, it claimed, can bypass the 7th generation of HD DVD and Blu-ray copy protection – media key block – (MKB v7), found in the latest Blu-ray movie releases.

The MKB v7 was recently released by the Advanced Access Content System Licensing Administrator (AACS LA) and it is an updated version of the special code placed on the Blu-ray media that is essential for the authentication and thus the reproduction of Blu-ray movies on updated Blu-ray players.

Movies that feature the new MKB keys include the U.S. versions of both Region B BD titles Alien vs. Predator 2: Requiem and Alvin and the Chipmunks, scheduled to be released this month.

The AACS LA had been frequently changing the encryption keys associated with the specific implementations of AACS-enabled software and hardware (""proactive renewal"). The MKB keys are included in the Pre-recorded Blu-ray media and are part of the authentication process required for the reproduction of Blu-ray movies. Media MKB keys interact with the sequence keys stored in Blu-ray players.

The authentication process allows Blu-ray playback only if the Keys found on the player are correct (updated). So in order to enjoy new Blu-ray content consumers have to refresh the encryption keys associated with their Blu-ray players, which essentially means they need to upgrade the firmware.

Software products that were not updated to their latest versions would not be able to play any new HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc titles released after 22 May.

Given that the new MKB keys have not yet been released on new Blu-ray movies, Slysoft is tight-lipped as to how it managed to have access to them.

Story filed 23.04.08

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