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More dogs join DVD sniffing task force in Malaysia

DVD pirates in the country of Malaysia should be shaking in their boots as it is being reported that 2 more sniffer dogs have been added to an already steller DVD dog detecting team. The country has become the first to have an actual division dedicated to canines and their ability to sniff out pirated DVDs, which are a multi-million dollar industry.

Lucky and Flo the first dogs to join the task force reportedly had a bounty slapped on their furry heads, due to their ability to sniff out large shipments of illegal DVDs. Now, labrador retrievers Paddy and Manny are joining the fray. The dogs are trained to sniff out the chemicals that are used in the production of the pirated dvds, and alert their handlers to their presence.

"We hope to fight piracy more effectively," said Mohamad Roslan Mahayuddin, who also states that he hopes that the addition of the new dogs will help take the country off of a list of countries that are on the list of those that abuse intellectual property rights.

"We found that the dogs are very useful in our operations, especially in fighting piracy," said Mike Ellis from the Motion Picture Association of America. (Source:

Story filed 10.03.08

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