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NetBlender to add BD authoring

NetBlender has announced that it will release its first Blu-Ray authoring package shortly after April's NAB show.

The DoStudio Authoring Edition will provide DVD authors a GUI-based solution for creating professional Blu-ray Discs. The first release will create seamless menus with Adobe Photoshop import. Picture-in-picture support will be added in Q3 2008 and BD-Live templates will arrive in early 2009.

DoStudio Developer Edition (DSD) adds Blu-ray support to the current DoStudio MX authoring application. DSD gives Blu-ray developers full access to NetBlender's scripting layer for creation of advanced interactivity and games. DSD with BD-J support will be released in Q4 2008. Both editions include Corel Pure HD multiplexer and support CMF formatting and AACS encapsulation.

NetBlender also announced new sales and distribution options for its DoStudio MX product suite. In addition to the current monthly subscription fee, NetBlender will offer a complete Blu-ray authoring workstation with encoding software, BD burning and playback.

Story filed 10.03.08

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