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CDSA sets greener packaging standards

The Content Delivery and Storage Association (CDSA) has set a new packaging standard for polypropylene DVD cases, the group announced last week. The CDSA hired Milliken Chemical Company to analyze packages purchased at retail, and Milliken found some contained potentially harmful elements, such as lead, chromium, cadmium and antimony, the CDSA said.

The new standard sets maximum safe levels of these elements in the resin used to make the cases. “Pure polypropylene is an excellent and widely used material for consumer packaging as it is inherently safe and completely recyclable, both desirable attributes in the context of sustainability,” the CDSA wrote. “The primary purpose of this standard, however, is to assure that all products, even those made from recycled materials where potentially harmful contaminants can be introduced, are safe for use.”

The CDSA’s plastic DVD case certification programme is voluntary and available to plastic packaging manufacturers.

Story filed 03.03.08

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