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$250m investment, 80 BD lines needed to cope with demand

“An investment of $250 million and 80 new Blu-ray production lines will be needed in the next two years to meet demand. That is what it will take to meet the demand of not only Blu-ray movies, but also games for the PlayStation 3,” says Jim Bottoms, co-managing director of research firm Understanding & Solutions.

Sony DADC is said to be working at full capacity, having already produced more than 115 million Blu-ray discs, 80% of which are dual-layer 50GB discs.

Once AACS encryption, mastering, authoring and compression, replication and packaging are factored in, the price per disc can reach $4 to $5 for a small run of 25,000 discs, typical for independents. As to the costs for manufacturers to install Blu-ray lines they range from $1.5 million to $1.7 million for a single-layer BD25 line to in excess of $2.7 million for a dual-layer BD50 line.

Story filed 29.03.08

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