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Opendisc becomes first CDSA-certified anti-piracy site

Opendisc has become the first certified anti-piracy site for content protection and security of digitally downloaded music and other copyrighted material to its customer base, according to the Content Delivery and Storage Association (CDSA).

The digital download certification of the Paris-based operation is a result of the stringent auditing process under the CDSA Anti-Piracy and Compliance Program standards which encompass content protection along the medias-to-market supply chain.

With additional sites in the UK and the US, Opendisc provides a suite of software and consumer marketing services enabling record companies and content owners to develop long-term personalised relationships with their consumers.

Opendisc, founded in 2004, is a supply chain partner of Sony/BMG, which encouraged the development of the digital download standard, whose growing customer base is relying on electronic delivery of music, games, video and other content. According to Guillaume Doret, CEO: "Opendisc realised online efficiencies and customer attraction to digital downloads also carried security risks. Working with CDSA, we volunteered to be the first site to be trained and audited under these standards. The effort required was significant, but the value-added service and security is a huge dividend for our customers."

Story filed 21.06.08

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