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Game consoles are most connected current CE device

While few home network users currently have permanent connections between theircConsumer electronics devices and their home networks, those that do most commonly connect their game console, reports In-Stat.

As more connected CE devices become available, In-Stat expects Blu-ray DVD players/ recorders will lead CE network client growth.

"The primary reasons that more devices are not connected to home networks are: consumer awareness /knowledge, availability of network-capable CE products on retail shelves, prices of network-capable CE products, competition with non-network-capable CE products (like docking stations), and lack of perceived need by some consumers," says Joyce Putscher, an analyst with the company.

Recent research by In-Stat found the following:

- Almost 43% of the Windows PCs used in North American homes in June 2008 had Media Center functionality, up from 32% in 2007.
- The worldwide media server-capable device market is estimated at $50 billion in 2008.
- In-Stat's consumer survey reveals that 64% of US respondents are somewhat, very or extremely interested in watching Internet-based streaming video on their household TV.
- A proliferating set of competitors are offering a range of Digital Media Adapter/Player/Receiver (DMA/DMP/DMR) devices, including Apple, Cisco, Denon, Hewlett-Packard, Roku, Samsung, and many others.

Story filed 03.02.09

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