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VDC launches NtertainU, a new digital direct-to-consumer platform

VDC Group, the UK's largest independent optical disc replicator, has just launched a new digital platform, NtertainU. Whether it's showcasing the latest cinema releases or an old classic from the archives, NtertainU enables publishers to bring out titles direct to the audience in both digital and physical format.

As well as movies, the digital platform gives access to ebooks, audio books, music, TV shows and merchandise. On an easy-to-use website, content can be downloaded and viewed or listened to on up to five different devices within the Flux Player app at any one time - available on PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Kindle fire and Smart TV.

VDC also offers a solution to distribute codes for a free download with any DVD or other physical product the client produces. NtertainU maximise exposure to a client's catalogue through a variety of marketing tools including:

- Download codes distributed with DVDs
- Search engine optimization
- Display advertising and Instream YouTube advertising
- Engaging with consumers through social media and social media marketing
- High profile releases on the website, which will increase traffic
- Shopping engine inclusions, such as Google Shopping.

"NtertainU provides a platform to sell digital content while offering versatile purchase options, without the high costs of setting up and running your own download service," says the company. "Think of NtertainU as an alternative source of revenue for your business."

The platform offers a tool to selling directly to consumers through the website, as well as through other outlets such as Amazon and eBay. Content is copy-protected and can be restricted to certain territories using DRM. Any menus and extras included on the DVD can also be included in the digital copy.

Story filed 13.12.14

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