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HMV launches cinema ad campaign to promote DVD/Blu-ray catalogues

HMV's flagship store on London's Oxford Street - the largest music shop in the world - may have closed its doors earlier this month following the chain's bankruptcy, but it is still keen to promote its substantial DVD and Blu-ray holdings.

The entertainment retailer is launching its first cinema advertising campaign in five years to tie in with the film awards season. It will highlight HMV's "wealth of back-catalogue Blu-ray and DVD titles" and coincide with the retailer's six week in store "HMV presents awards season" campaign.

The 30-second ad, which hits screens 31 January and will run for three weeks, will showcase "some of the most memorable award-winners of all time including Schindler's List, Titanic and last year's Best Picture Oscar-winner Argo."

HMV worked with media agency the7stars and Bolder TV on the campaign. In an exclusive deal with Digital Cinema Media, the campaign will highlight HMV's back-catalogue Blu-ray and DVD titles and will be trailed alongside this year's most high-profile award nominees.

"When it came to a media strategy to support our "HMV presents awards season" event in stores, cinema is the ideal extension to complement the size and scale from within the stores out to our customers," said Patrizia Leighton, HMV head of marketing. "It's uniquely positioned to deliver the visual and emotional engagement with our film loving audience that we wanted to achieve through this campaign."

Story filed 29.01.14

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