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French DVD/Blu-ray disc market down 16.7% in 2013

Last year, French DVD and Blu-ray disc sales tumbled 16.7% to €929.1 million compared to 2012, according to data just released by Centre national de la Cinématographie and market research firm GfK. This sharp decline is attributed to a fall of 18.8% in DVD sales - to €724.16 million - and, for the first time, a 8.5% drop in Blu-ray turnover - to €204.94 million. In 2013, the Blu-ray format grew to represent 22.1% of total packaged media revenues, compared with 20.1% the previous year.

In unit sales, DVD and Blu-ray combined went down 14.1% to a total of 103 million discs - 89.85 million DVDs (-15%) and 13.15 million BDs (-7.2%).

In 2013, the average price of a new DVD title remained stable at €17.11 whereas a catalogue title sold for €8.26. Of note, DVDs priced between €17 and €20 accounted for the largest share of total video spending - 23.7% versus 25.8% in 2012. At the other end of the spectrum, DVDs at €3 or below accounted for 0.5% of video turnover.

The average price of a new Blu-ray title was €22.86 - up 1% over 2012. Catalogue BD titles retailed at €13.13 - up 4.2%. €20-to-€25 Blu-ray discs represented the largest segment in volume terms - 27.5% - as well as in value - 31.4%.

Movies dominate physical media - €560.08 million or 60.3% of total spending. However, their revenue dropped 19.1% over 2012. In units sold, movie titles fell 19.4% to 48.18 million.

In 2013, French cinema generated €110.88 million on video - a fall of 32.7% over 2012. It must be pointed out that 2012 revenues were unusually boosted by the remarkable success of Intouchables. Spending on American movies decreased as well, but by 14.2%.

French movies accounted for 9.5% of Blu-ray turnover, Americans movies 75.3%.

Story filed 15.01.14

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