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Rental kiosk chain Redbox hits 3-billion DVD milestone

Redbox DVD kiosk chain rented its 3 billionth disc in the US this month. This disc transaction milestone, Sony Pictures' The Call, was rented at a Walgreens store in Littleton, Colorado. The next Redbox rental was a PlayStation 3 video game, The Last of Us rented at a Walmart Supercenter in Kennesaw, Georgia.

The company reached its most recent milestone in record time again, taking just 16 months to reach 3 billion movie and video game rentals. To put the performance into perspective, the company says that 3 billion discs laid side by side would wrap around the world nearly nine times (approximately 223,693 miles).

Redbox reached 1 billion rentals in its seventh year of operation, and it notched 2 billion total rentals just 18 months later, in March 2012.

The company reached another milestone in March 2013, recording more than 4 million rentals in one day for the first time ever.

Today, more than 68% of the US population lives within a five-minute drive of a Redbox distributor where DVDs, Blu-ray Discs or video games can be reserved online or by using a Redbox app before picking it up at a local kiosk. There are approximately 43,600 kiosks across 35,900 locations nationwide.

"It's hard to imagine 3 billion of anything, really. But when you equate that to the number of times Americans have watched Hollywood's best movies or become engrossed in new video games, this milestone becomes even more meaningful," said Anne Saunders, president.

Story filed 04.08.13

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