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BDA secures permanent injunction against Pivos Technology Group

The Blu-ray Disc Association has secured a permanent injunction against Pivos Technology Group, Inc., preventing the company from infringing the BDA's trademark rights.

The lawsuit, filed earlier this year, centered on Pivos' manufacturing and marketing of its AIOS HD Media Center, which made unauthorised use of BDA trademarks and enabled unauthorised playback of Blu-ray .iso images files. The injunction resolves the lawsuit and enjoins Pivos from further infringement of the BDA's trademarks. Pivos has also agreed to cooperate with the BDA to identify other potential infringers.

Since its introduction in 2006, consumer adoption of Blu-ray Disc products has continued to grow and there are now nearly 60 million Blu-ray Disc households in the United States and there are approximately 180 million Blu-ray Disc playback devices in homes worldwide, according to the BDA.

"We hope this lawsuit and resulting injunction will send a strong message to the marketplace that the BDA takes its trademark rights seriously and will not hesitate to take action to protect its formats and their legitimate licensees against infringers," said Kristin McQueen, Chair of the BDA Legal and Licensing Committee. "Blu-ray Disc was designed to deliver the best possible home entertainment experience and keeping unauthorized products out of the market is critical to ensuring the consistent, best in class quality consumers have come to expect from Blu-ray Disc."

Story filed 10.07.13

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